Tangential filters C41AI Totally Automatic mod 20 24 28 32


Filtri Tangenziali Automatici Integrali

New materials for evolved performance

The material used, sulphon-polyvynil pyrrolidone polyester, has an extremely hydrophilic asymmetrical structure: these two qualities are both very important for ensuring filtering efficiency that is as constant as possible.

Membranes with asymmetrical structure have two distinct layers: a very thin filter layer, in which the gauged pores are very short, and a second mechanically resistant macro porous layer to assist the first one.

The greatly reduced length of the pores eliminates deep penetration of certain particles (a potentially irreversible event) and increases flow.
Resistance to chemicals and the effects of heat by the material used for the membranes is extensive and high, thereby providing effective rinsing.

Numerous advantages are guaranteed by our tangential filters:

  • constant filter efficiency, due to the characteristics of the membranes and automatic control of the process;
  • no losses of product, due to a final filtering device;
  • no filtering aids used, reducing the amount of polluting waste.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.