Tangential filters C41AI Totally Automatic mod 10 12 14 16


Filtri Tangenziali Automatici integrali

The last word in filtering

One of the most evolved and qualified filters on the market today, fitted with hydrophilic asymmetrical controlled-porosity hollow fibre polymer membranes that are highly resistant to chemicals and heat. The C 41 AI tangential filter is the result of special studies; it is an excellent solution as it can be put to numerous uses and respects the structural and organoleptic characteristics of wine, at times more so than traditional techniques.

Its instruments provide instantaneous control of output and the quantity of filtered wine, working pressure at various points in the hydraulic circuit, wine temperature, and the level in the system storage tanks. System operation is run by a programmable logic controller which the operator interacts with by means of a touch screen that shows In real time the state of the components active in the hydraulic circuit.

The values of the main process variables (output, pressure, temperature, liquid levels) appear continuously on the screen as dedicated icons.

The level of automation is such that in normal working conditions the presence of an operator is not required.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.