Tangential filters C41 Automatic


Filtri Tangenziali Automatici

C 41A equipment with asymmetrical hydrophile hollow-fibre polymer membranes that are highly resistant to chemicals and heat, is an excellent solution for filtering still, fizzy or sparkling wine. It employs important technology that guarantees extraordinary performance at low cost.
In addition to its numerous and interesting uses, it is respectful of the structural and organoleptic characteristics of the wine, at times more so than traditional techniques.
It has numerous significant advantages:

  • Constant filtering efficiency.
  • As no filtering aids are used, polluting waste is greatly reduced.
  • Simple to use due to automatic control of the main process variables, including washing with detergents.
  • Cycle continuity that does not require an operator.

The structure is designed to strictest current standards and is in line with Cadalpe’s traditional high quality.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.