C4o Horizontal Wine maker


A new solution for even better results

Our new model C4o wine maker offers an improved solution for red grape vinification and is also suitable for the maceration
of special white wines, before the pressing stage.

The must stirring and marc dispersing process is performed by slow adjustable rotation of the blades, which are of suitable size and installed inside the wine maker so that efficient marc immersion is guaranteed.

The marc is discharged by special stainless steel spatulas with flexible alimentary material ends that adapt to the wine maker cladding to remove all the marc completely. Rotation takes place by means of a gear motor suitable for the wine maker and provided with an inverter controlled by an electric panel that regulates all the work and holding sequences, providing operating variations to meet the needs of every product involved.

The amount of oxygen required can be dosed during the fermentation process by means of a micro/macro oxygenation system.

Technical data sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.