A new generation fermenter

In the news from Cadalpe Service laboratories there is the CS EXP fermenter, result of a combination of our engineers and well-known winemaker Roberto Cipresso and his team.

Built in ASTM 304 EN 14301, stainless steel, its cylindrical form stands on a load-bearing structure designed with suitably proportioned height and width, easy to use and clean, with no sharp edges; maximum capacity 1000 litres.

The word “EXPERIENCE” relates to the memory of past actions and exploration of new ideas and needs.

The main features of its great versatility in use are:

  • micro red and white vinification with the possibility of heat conditioning;
  • gravity pouring without the need for a pump or to draw off by tipping;
  • transport of the crushed mass, must or wine in a heat conditioned environment;
  • stacking or storing small batches of product in small spaces.

Technical data sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.