Crystalplus Continuous Tartaric Stabilization Unit C30


Stabilizzatori tartarici in continuo

The category’s top technology and performance

The latest generation Crystalplus C 30 line for continuous tartaric stabilization of suitable homogeneous wines is undoubtedly the most complete and up-to-date.
The result of modern high technology, the Crystalplus C 30 is based on a “contact” system, i.e. an in-transit holding period at low temperature in a high potential nucleation crystallizer filled with at least 4 gr/litre of crystals, served by an independent cooling system.
A computerized control unit controls and memorizes all the process parameters and quantities in historical files, displaying graphs showing the critical crystallization temperature in terms of CCT.

This system has a great many advantages over traditional methods and other types of technology:
• technology applied with minimum investment
• fully guaranteed results
• continuous 24 hour cycle without the need for an operator constantly on duty
• microcrystals that evade the separator are safely withheld
• high heat recovery (up to 95%)
• complete recovery of exhausted crystals and no filtration residue to clean out
• the cycle can be stopped at any time for an unlimited period then re-started at exactly the same point it had reached before stoppage
• continuous assessment of stability
• printout of the process data, useful also for quality certification purposes
• on request, operative system interface with the company’s management program.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.