New methods for better results

The C4S automatic cascade wine maker, with the new functions and potential unknown till now, is the result of Cadalpe’s thirty years’ experience in the field of vinification systems.

The interactive oxygenation process

Our exclusive vinification system integrated with a turbo oxygenator is highly flexible and adaptable, and ensures:

  • effective natural oxygenation, with perfect adherence to the marc. The result is internal saturation and elimination of carbon dioxide;
  • active mixing of the liquid mass from pressing; • maximum extraction of colour and noble elements of the wine, rendering a more highly flavoured and intensely perfumed product.

Flow deviator

The heart of the system is the flow deviator with three concentric sectors, made with fins sloping in different directions to orientate the falling marc in three different directions with three different fall speeds.

First of all it affects the central part of the marc, then the middle circular sector and finally the outer part, resulting in full immersion of the marc. The C4S wine maker has an easy to use and programme electronic system that increases productivity and saves manpower.

Technical data sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.