Intercooler Air-monobloc C10 Kcal/h 323000

Distilled Drinks, Industry & Beverage, Wine

Intercooler Air monobloc

A range of highly efficient machines

Ideal for centralizing and accumulating cold, the C 10 Intercooler is a monobloc; silent in operation and easily installed outdoors, it is very safe in use. Operating on environmentally friendly gas with air condensation, it comes with two or more highly efficient screw compressors of well-known make; condensation units with copper tubes and aluminium fins, complete with sub-cooling circuit; dry expansion evaporator with copper tubing in a steel shell, including two or more independent cooling circuits insulated with Armaflex padding and aluminium shell.

Load-bearing structure and external panels in painted galvanized sheet metal; compressor housing lined with sound-proofing open-cell material.
The unit guarantees a high degree of reliability even in the most demanding working conditions, due to the strict approval tests and objective performance testing.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.