Vacuum filters C26 mod 20-30

Industry & Beverage, Wine

Filtri sottovuoto

A well-known numerous family

The C26 single cavity rotary vacuum filter for cyclical processing, with filter aiding pre-coat is ideal for filtering products with high percentages of suspended solids.
It is especially effective in the wine-making sector for filtering grape must in its natural state or after enzymatic treatment and the recovery of the liquid fraction of the dregs from decanting, centrifugal processing and first racking.

Among its main qualifying features are:

  • the drum totally in depression which ensures uniformity of the vacuum and avoids the formation of foam during processing,
  • adjustable, motorized micrometric advancement of the cutting blade with impulse at each revolution of the drum,
  • separate pipes of the vacuum line and the filtered product, cutting angle that minimizes the unused filtering surface, thanks to the innovative positioning of the cutting blade, ensures greater filtration efficiency and less oxidation of the product,
  • dedicated pumps for each stage of filtration,
  • submerged extraction pump inside the filter drum,
  • special hydrodynamic system for the formation of the panel, which ensures the homogeneous formation of the panel and the reduction of the volume of residual product at the end of the cycle,
  • thermostatic device for optimizing water consumption used by the vacuum pump,
  • safety systems that protect the operator from contact with the cutting blade at each stage of filtration,
  • self-adjusting spatula that keeps the lees thickness uniform, improving the efficiency of the filtration cycle (optional)
  • device for total residue filtration (optional)

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.