Vacuum filters C26 mod 2

Industry & Beverage, Wine

Filtri sottovuoto

A well-known numerous family

The C 26 single cavity rotary vacuum filter for cyclical processing, with filter aiding pre-coat is ideal for filtering products with high percentages of suspended solids.
It is especially effective in the wine-making sector for filtering grape must in its natural state or after enzymatic treatment and the recovery of the liquid fraction of the dregs from decanting, centrifugal processing and first racking.
Its main distinguishing features are:

  • the drum is in full vacuum to ensure uniform use of the filter surface and delicate aeration of the must;
  • re-constitution of the pre-coat if it becomes clogged due to bad handling or inadequate metering;
  • a cutting angle that reduces unused filter surface to a minimum, due to the innovative positioning of the cutting blade;
  • special type of pump dedicated to the specific filtering stages;
  • pre-coat support surface for efficient drainage;
  • special hydrodynamic system to make up the pre-coat;
  • water economizer for the vacuum pump;
  • self-regulating impeller to maintain uniform pulp thickness;
  • total residue filtering device;
  • safety system to protect the operator from contact with the cutting blade at all stages of the filtering operation.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.