C51 cross-flow filter for lees

Industry & Beverage, Wine

C51 cross-flow filter for lees

The C51 cross-flow filter with membranes in sintered stainless steel is designed to be particularly suitable for the filtration of must lees from flotation and centrifugation, wine lees and, in general, waste of tangential filters.
Thanks to the automatic control of the main phases of the process, the filtration efficiency is ensured and the presence of the operator is no longer needed.

Main advantages:
• better product quality, since it does not come into contact with oxygen
• cost reduction: less labor, no filtration aids and no disposal problems
• resistance and durability
• thanks to the special membrane, the filter can be washed at high temperatures without fear of thermal shock
• Industry4.0-ready remote assistance: our specialized technicians can support the customer remotely
• open management software, also customizable by the customer.

A green and intelligent vision that marks the evolution of the species.



Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.