Multiple effect vacuum concentrator with hard primary desulphurization C19

Industry & Beverage, Wine

Concentratori sottovuoto con pre desolforazione spinta

Reduced energy costs

Nowadays and much more in the future, the reduction of energy and concentration costs is a binding condition for manufacturers and producers.
The C 19 multiple effect vacuum concentrator with descending film meets this need with excellent solutions that achieve:

  • Better quality of the concentrated product (minimum contact time, small temperature differences between heater and processed product).
  • Lower unit cost of water evaporation than by other concentrators (process steam recovery and reutilization by thermal compression, heat recovery from concentrated product and vapour condensation).
  • Maximum exchange coefficient (high speed descending film and quick product heating).
  • Considerable savings on water, which is recycled through cooling towers free from pollutants (e.g. sulphur dioxide) owing to a surface condenser.

The continuous work cycle is controlled by a central control board and automated during the most important stages, particularly discharge.
There is an optional special stripping column for preliminary desulphurization using process steam.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.