Multiple effect vacuum concentrator C19

Industry & Beverage, Wine

Concentratori sottovuoto a multiplo effetto

Ideal for small-medium producers

The C 19 double effect concentrator operates in a vacuum and is the result of studies based on specific operating needs. It provides performance comparable with the most sophisticated multiple effect descending film equipment.
Ideal for wine producers who wish to focus on quality which is not affected by the vagaries of the climate, this concentrator employs an oenological practice highly suitable for not only enriching sugar content, but also for maintaining the balance of components in the must unaltered, guaranteeing the typical characteristics of the wine.
The following are the significant advantages:

  • As energy needs are halved, so too is the unit cost of the evaporate due to heat recovery from the process steam of the first step.
  • It works with clean unprocessed must without the problems of clogging and the formation of foam, adopting technical solutions exclusive to Cadalpe.

The work cycle is continuous, and the various steps of the process are controlled by a series of automatic devices, with integrated running of alarm warnings and self-diagnosis.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.