Heat pump vacuum concentrator C19

Industry & Beverage, Wine

Concentratori sottovuoto a pompa di calore

A delicate effective solution

Well-known by wine producers who wish to maintain uniform quality unaffected by the vagaries of the climate, this equipment is used to:

  • Treat clean unprocessed must without the problem of clogging and the formation of foam, adopting technical solutions exclusive to Cadalpe.
  • Ensure extreme delicacy in treating the product.
  • Exchange energy between the heat pump and concentrator through a water circuit so that the heating unit can be used alternatively for other purposes.
  • Operate with a closed loop cycle, with reduced flow rate, on the full mass of must or on a fraction of the must in transit.
  • Optimize the use of energy; the only water consumed is that for periodic washing out.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.