Continuous Pomace Alcohol Extractor C5

Distilled Drinks

Disalcolatore Continuo di Vinaccia

A reliable hard worker, advantageous and patented

As an alternative to conventional stills this equipment is highly efficient and effective: the C 5 patented continuous pomace alcohol extractor can process a remarkable amount of raw product per day, sparing labour and fully preserving the quality of distilled drinks.

Other features:

  • Uniform steaming of pomace due to slow mixing and the special shape of the alcohol extractor chamber.
  • Automatic control of the pomace level in the alcohol extractor chamber by integrated regulation of input and output.
  • Prevention of pomace overheating and scorching by using low temperature pre-saturated steam, which reduces unpalatable volatiles in the extracted pulp.

The alcoholic phlegm from the alcohol extractor is rectified into grappa or alcohol as it is extracted, or later by means of discontinuous or continuous columns. Made entirely in special stainless steel or copper (on request).

Alternative application: the extraction of essences from herbs or vegetal elements

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.