C2a macerator

Distilled Drinks, Wine

An extremely versatile Specialized machine

Our model C2a vertical macerator is designed to meet the needs of oenologists to achieve a product with well-balanced fruitiness and scent, but also for the conversion of other alimentary products, such as digestive drinks made from herbs. One example of the use of this machine is the making of novello wine, but it has several applications for the production of more robust wines with more complex features. This macerator comes with insulation suitable for maintaining the product at a temperature of 5°/8° C° and is designed also to provide criomaceration of white berry grape skins to enhance the wine with aromatic substances. Another feature which makes this a successful machine is the possibility to finely tune all the processes to achieve the required result without altering the product. The mixing system incorporated is designed to ensure that any waste (e.g. marc in the wine-making trade) is discharged easily and effectively.

Technical data sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.