Batch Still C27

Distilled Drinks

Distillatore Discontinuo

Only top quality distillates

Specialising in the most reliable and efficient distilling, the batch still is designed for medium to small sized distilleries that produce top quality distillates (schnapps from grapes or fermented fruit, brandy, grappa).

  • Manufactured with refined production techniques, using selected materials whose nature and characteristics comply with the strict quality standards that have always inspired Cadalpe.
  • Used for manual or automatic cycles with monitoring of the main stages of the process, temperature optimization, degree of exhaustion and head and tail separation.
  • Can be equipped to operate in a vacuum and the various components are structurally balanced in a line that is attractive and compact.
  • Has already won numerous important customers who have chosen it for their production and the certainty of our professional standing.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.