Pre-coat filter C31

Beer, Distilled Drinks, Industry & Beverage, Wine

Filtri ad alluvionaggio

A great little filter

Designed to fully solve filtering problems for small batches of wine, this filter is the result of an original study that takes into account specific operational needs to provide performance equal to that of the most sophisticated pre-coat filters.

Manufactured with refined techniques and highly practical, the C 31 with horizontal self-cleaning discs provides the following significant advantages:

  • uniform distribution of the pre-coat, essential for good filtering;
  • coat stability and integrity even in the case of prolonged interruptions;
  • coat detachment without the need for vibrations or scraping, relying on the action of combined water jets onto the rotating discs;
  • final disc rinsing without moving the filter housing and using a limited amount of water;
  • exclusive Cadalpe removable disc filtering elements;
  • end of cycle total filtration of residual liquid in the filter housing (optional).

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.