Lauter tun C53

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New lauter tun 

One of the problems of craft breweries is the impossibility of having a consistency in filtration as the production batches are completely different both in quantity
and grade plato. In particular, the height of the “cake” of grains is very variable.
The current production of beers, especially craft beers, has a very wide variability, for example from 7°P up to 20°P and beyond. It is therefore clear that a traditional lauter tun is not performing at its best, causing a decrease in yield, an increase in filtration times and finally a decrease in quality.

The solution to the problems of quantity, malt load and quality is the possibility to vary the filtering surface according to the production requirements. Our new filter allows this.
With this system, in fact, the height of the cake remains the same as it is the geometry of the filter to vary, thanks to a mobile wall that runs on the side guides, allowing you to vary the filtering surface, or increasing or reducing it as needed and then to change the relative volume.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.