Intercooler Air-monobloc C10 Kcal/h 8000

Beer, Distilled Drinks, Industry & Beverage, Wine

Intercooler Air monobloc

Avant garde features and performance

Monobloc design, incorporated buffer tank and pump, safe silent operation, possibility for indoor installation are the main advantages of this Intercooler using environmentally friendly gas and air condensation.

It comes with Scroll airtight compressors of well-known make and oversize condensation unit to achieve ∆t of 12°C between air and condensation temperatures, and dry expansion plate evaporator insulated with Neoprene padding.

It also has a wide range of accessories and automatic devices, with high pressure gas safety valve. The control panel provides integral control and regulation by micro processor, including display of operating conditions and alarm warnings.

On request all C 10 models can be supplied with a heat pump for the production of hot water.

Technical Data Sheet

Download the data sheet in PDF for all the technical details on the product.